wifi andon system


Overview : Our Smart Wi-Fi Andon System is used to notify management, maintenance and other workers of a quality or process problem at Different Areas of Plant. This ANDON System coupled with LED ANDON Display Board offer a truly versatile solution for wider reach. You can display some parameters like "Line Down", "Call Manager", "Resistance & Efficiency" on Andon Display Board.

Features of Andon Display System :

  • Rapid assistance
  • Reduces response times
  • Prevents shutdowns
  • Quick fault repair
  • Intelligent reporting for lasting improvements
  • Optimization potential made transparent
  • Other remote Alerts via sms, email

Technical Illustration

andon system


  • Truly Wireless Solution

  • Store and Retrieve Historical Data

  • Robust & proven wireless technology for production environments

  • Real Time Availability of Data

  • Group wise alert facility

  • Browser Based Application

  • Customized User Friendly Interface

  • Live Production Dashboard for Real Time Data

  • Integrated analytic and reporting tools


  • Department Wise Alert
  • Total Time required for resolution
  • Daily Alert report
  • Weekly Alert report
  • Monthly Alert report
  • Yearly Alert report
  • Daily Alert auto mailing facility
  • Alert wise report


  • Increased Production Performance
  • Online Reporting
  • Reduce Shutdown time
  • Time Saving Process
  • Aides fast and accurate reporting and decision making
  • Paper Less Response Management

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