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System is an Industrial Internet of Things (110T) based technology that works as a guide for manual assembly line workers assembling products with multiple child parts.

A guiding light is placed at each child part container in the assembly area. The line worker simply has to follow the lights to assemble the product. This system's highest potential is achieved with products having multiple child parts. The user can dynamically change the pattern as the product on the assembly line changes. Thus, eliminating the need to train the workers for each new product.

A Pick - To - Light System notifies the line worker whenever they break the specified pattern, be it picking up a part twice, skipping a part or picking up a wrong part as well. The Production heads and supervisors can get live reports about their employees' efficiency and reduce rejections in the next steps of production. Hence,this systems have become a Necessity in production facilities as the jobs keep on changing and employers cannot compromise on quality or speed.

Technical Illustration

pick to light


-   Reduce training and setup time.

-   Increase assembly line Productivity

-   Gain high assembling accuracy at high speeds

-   Reduce manual assembly errors

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