Pick and Place Robots


Oneof the most rapidly evolving technologies in the world is roboticsand automation. Just within the last few decades across the worldrobots have become one of the most used products in heavy factorysettings and as predicted it is going to gain popularity for theirefficiency, productivity, and profitability. One such roboticinnovation is the pick and place robot. 

Whatis pick and place robot?

Beforedelving into the advantages and applications of pick andplace robot, it is important to understand what exactly this pickand place machine is. Pick and place robot is a kindof robotic technology that allows a robot with a robotic hand to pickand place an object to the desired location with precision. There canbe three kinds of pick and place robots that provide different typesof movements: 

    • Acylindrical robot can function on horizontal, vertical, androtational axes.  

    • Aspherical pick and place robot has the ability to provide tworotational and a single linear movement. 

    • Ascara robot or articulate robot, which is a fixed robot has rotaryarms on three vertical axes. 

Advantagesof Pick and Place Robots :

Apick and place robot can be quite beneficial as it increases accuracyand efficiently by reducing wastage of time. Thereby increasingproductivity and flexibility at the workplace. Here are some of theadvantages of pick and place robots.

    • Mostof them can be run autonomously.

    • Itcan do the same task over and over again with the same movementswithout getting tired, thereby decreasing the margin of error andincreasing productivity. 

    • Dueto its small and lightweight built a pick and place robot can beplaced in any tight spot and still function efficiently. 

    • Veryefficient for small volume production as it can be programmed easilyand the set-up time is fast. 

    • Itssize and easy to program and set-up make it ideal to be set up in anyplace. For recurrent tasks, the program can be re-used. 

    • Itis cost-effective and saves 

Technical Illustration

pick and place robots


Asmentioned earlier it can be easily used for small volume productionsand even in tight spots. Here are some more applications where thepick and place robot can be used. 

    • Circuitboard welding

    • Dispensing

    • Pickand place

    • Screwdriving

    • Laserengraving

    • 3Dprinting

    • Goodssorting

    • Visualidentification

Thispick and place robots are of great help and are used in defenseapplication, industrial application, and medical application.

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