Pick and Place Robots


One of the most rapidly evolving technologies in the world is robotics and automation. Just within the last few decades across the world robots have become one of the most used products in heavy factory settings and as predicted it is going to gain popularity for their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. One such robotic innovation is the pick and place robot. 

What is pick and place robot?

Before delving into the advantages and applications of pick and place robot, it is important to understand what exactly this pick and place machine is. Pick and place robot is a kind of robotic technology that allows a robot with a robotic hand to pick and place an object to the desired location with precision. There can be three kinds of pick and place robots that provide different types of movements: 

    • A cylindrical robot can function on horizontal, vertical, and rotational axes.  

    • A spherical pick and place robot has the ability to provide two rotational and a single linear movement. 

Advantages of Pick and Place Robots :

A pick and place robot can be quite beneficial as it increases accuracy and efficiently by reducing wastage of time. Thereby increasing productivity and flexibility at the workplace. Here are some of the advantages of pick and place robots.

    • Most of them can be run autonomously.

    • It can do the same task over and over again with the same movements without getting tired, thereby decreasing the margin of error and increasing productivity. 

    • Due to its small and lightweight built a pick and place robot can be placed in any tight spot and still function efficiently. 

    • Very efficient for small volume production as it can be programmed easily and the set-up time is fast. 

    • Its size and easy to program and set-up make it ideal to be set up in anyplace. For recurrent tasks, the program can be re-used. 

    • It is cost-effective and saves 

Technical Illustration

pick and place robots


As mentioned earlier it can be easily used for small volume productions and even in tight spots. Here are some more applications where the pick and place robot can be used. 

    • Circuit board welding

    • Dispensing

    • Pick and place

    • Screw driving

    • 3D printing

    • Goods sorting

    • Visual identification

This pick and place robots are of great help and are used in defense application, industrial application, and medical application.

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