Parking Guidance System


        No matter which city in India one travels to traffic and unruly parking is one of the biggest issues. While people are aware that violating parking laws are illegal but people still do it that results in traffic jams. To ensure smoother traffic and better parking facilities companies are coming up with wifi based parking management system

What is Wi-Fi Parking Management System?

         To put forth plainly Wi-Fi parking management system is the smart system of parking a car that combines WiFi and wireless sensor network. This system will have a geomagnetic sensor that would be able to detect the occupied and free parking spaces. The WiFi in the system will be used for navigation.

        Most smart cities will use this mode of parking guidance system to avoid congestion. It will be possible with the Internet of Things IOT that will collect, analyse and automate the gathered data from devices,i.e. the low cost sensory devices. These devices will establish the occupancy in a parking space. The sensory devices can be cameras,counting equipment’s or even embedded sensors on the individual parking spaces. These sensors will in turn feed the electronic boards or lights in the parking area to showcase the occupied and free parking spaces. Red signs refer to occupied space while green as free space.

         Additionally, the Wi-Fi parking management system will also encompass services like online parking payment, notification of the parking time as well as searching of the car in a large parking area. 

Technical Illustration

parking guidance system


-Truly Wireless Solution

-Time Saving Process

-Store and Retrieve Historical Data

-Robust & proven wireless technology

-Real Time Availability of Data

-Browser Based Application

-Customized User Friendly Interface

-Live Dashboard for Real Time Available Space 

-Integrated analytic and reporting tools


-Less traffic congestion

-Optimized parking

-Less car pollution

-Better user experience

-New ways for revenue

-Integrated payment and POS

-Better service means better brand image

-Reduction in management cost 

-Real-time data and trend insights for better analysis

-Live dashboard for real-time space availability

-Integrated analytics.

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