Gas Analyser


Gas Monitor System is a multi point controller system. It is used for detecting gas concentration in the air. The system could connect to detectors for different gases in the same time. The system adopts MCU as control unit, excellent gas sensor with high sensitivity and fast response. It will give visual and audible alarm when the gas concentration reach or exceed the presetting alarm level to remind you to take effective actions in time and it could also start the ventilation fan and other equipment to prevent from accident and explosions.

Technical Illustration

gas analyser


-Installationmethod: Wall mounted and cabinet type<

-Detectortype: 4~20mA signal output

-Accuracy: ±5%F.S.

-Indication: LED screen displays gas<

-Input: 4~20mA

-Working method: continuous work

-Working humidity: <95%RH

-Working voltage: AC220V±15% 50Hz±l%

-Output Power: DC24V to detector

-Weight: 3kgs

Cabinet: 350mm(L)*230mm(W)*80mm(T)

-Cable: = RVVP 1.5 mm2×3

-Transmit distance: =1000m 


-Independent cell, suitable for free combination

-Twoalarming level with strongly function

-AlarmingSignal programmable, N/O Relay output

-Intelligentsystem, zero calibration on line

-Testingrange, resolution selective.

-1-channelcontrol one 4-20mA detector

-BrightLED display

-Real-timeclock, works continuously even out of power

-Accidentalalarm report is in preference to device faulty indicator

-Easy toinstall and maintenance

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