Emergency Response Team Display Board


Emergency Response Team (ERT) Display is used by various industries to display their emergency team member & Fire fighters member in risk Analysis and the Security Survey. ERT board shows real time ERT members present in the company which prevents in case of increase the survival of injured or sick employees through the rapid intervention and application of life-saving devices and first-aid protocols.

Technical Illustration

emergency response team display board


2 Communication Type Lan
3 Indoor/Outdoor Application Outdoor
4 Cabinet Outdoor IP 65 Compatible with canopy
5 LED Colour Multi-colour
6 Font Size 2 inch
7 Visibility Distance Up to 20 meter
8 Pixel Pitch 6 mm
9 Technology SMD
10 Working Temperature & Humidity 0°C - 60°C , 0% - 99%
11 Operating Voltage 230 V AC


1. Real Time Team member status. 
2. Give Person wise priority and display according 
3. No more search required for present responsible person. 
4. Turn Page Facility for Multiple team data

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