Digital Utility System


        Digital Utility System enables a manufacturer to monitor their energy consumption, water level indication,Fire line pressure indication and other Utilities.A  live Utility dashboard comprises of overall plant energy consumption data, Efficiency,productivity, total consumption, on/off status and other measurements.

        Helps you keep a check on your utility consumption's. The system notifies the manufacturer of any over or under usage of utility in the plant

Technical Illustration

digital utility system


-Line, Machine and Plant wise Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly energy consumption reports.

-Auto emailing and SMS alert facilities

-Live analytics reports customized to directly connect with your ERPs .


-Online reporting and real time data visualization from anywhere .

-Plan monthly operational energy consumption and strategize your EOQ .

-It helps you to take quick, accurate and informed decisions to reduce energy consumption

-Reduce human interventions and errors

-Easily integrate with ERP (Like SAP, Oracle)

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