mrf tyres

mrf tyres

Existing System

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) Ltd., Company has invested Rs 900 crore on the 200-acre plant to caterboth domestic and export requirements in Trichy. The production capacity isinitially of 3.5 lakh radial tyres (for both trucks and cars) and nearly 2,500jobs would be created.

MRF wanted arobust inventory management system to visually indicate the present inventoryat the in-house store. This would help in speedy tracking and management of theinventory and thereby increase the overall efficiency.

Our Solution

Compucare withits expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of MRF byproviding customized LED Message Display Board with wireless connectivity. Thecustom size 1’x 0.5’ enables MRFto populate as much inventory data aspossible on a single screen. In total 60 numbers of LED Message Display Boardshave been installed with wireless connectivity using single omni directionalwireless antenna covering the entire store area. The LED Message Display Boardare single sided with RED, Green Colour 3.75mm SMD LED display with output coloursas RED, Green and Yellow. The display boards are clearly visible from anoptimum distance of 4-5 meters and is designed to suit their factory condition.

How LED Message Board Solution for Inventory ManagementDisplay is achieved?


Theinventory data such as item code and material description is populated in thedata server on to the Excel Software.

TheLED Software reads the data from the excel sheet of the data server

Thefetched is displayed in the LED Message Display Board in Green and Yellow colour

Thecontent of the LED Message Display Board is refreshed at regular intervals


Thus by providing robust inventorymanagement system the visually indication of the present inventory at thein-house store is achieved. Thus helping in speedy tracking and management ofthe inventory and increasing the overall efficiency.