dream plast india pvt. ltd.

dream plast india pvt. ltd.

Existing System

Dream Plast India Pvt. Ltd. wanted to translate the performance target into real-time visual indication at the end of each production line. Actual visual indication of production and performance target will help motivate the employees and on achieving the target will boost their morale and confidence level

Our Solution

Compucare with its expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of Dream Plast India Pvt. Ltd. by providing Production Monitoring System. There are in total 12 Production lines. The Production Monitoring System consists of 12 Production Sensor one each in every production line. A single Web Interface Unit and 12S mart Electronic Displays one each in every production line. The supplied Smart Electronic Displays are single sided with bright red LED display, the display boards are clearly visible upto a distance of 10 meters and is designed to suit their factory condition.

There are three updatable data parameters such as Line No. for that particular production line, Target for the day, Actual achieved for the day.

How Production Monitoring System is achieved?

   The Web Interface Unit is installed

   The Production Sensor are coupled with their mechanical switch at the end of every production line

   The Production Sensor communicate with the Web Interface Unit wirelessly

   The Smart Electronic Display is installed at the end of every production line

   As and when the mechanical switch is pressed at the end of production line the Production Sensor is triggered and sends signal wirelessly to the Web Interface Unit

   The Web Interface Unit receives the signal and communicates with the software server via TCP/IP line

   The data is populated in the Production Monitoring Software server from the Web Interface Unit

   The Smart Electronic Display software is also installed in the software server

   The data from the Production Monitoring Software is fetched and populated in the Smart Electronic Display software

   The populated data is then transmitted wirelessly to the Smart Electronic Displays placed at every production line

The data for Smart Electronic Display is refreshed every one minute intervals.


The installation of the Production Monitoring System has provided the real time dynamic visual indication of production and performance target. This has also increased the motivation of the employees and also has instilled confidence in their ability to achieve the timely company target.