production statistics display board

production statistics display board

Existing System

Hitachi Home & Life Solutions wanted to translate the performance target into real-time visual indication at the end of each production line. Actual visual indication of production and performance target will help motivate the employees and on achieving the target will boost their morale and confidence level.

Our Solution

LED Message Sign Board is used todisplay the safety policy and other company message. The supplied LED MessageSign Boards are single sided with bright red LED display, the display boardsare clearly visible upto a distance of 80 meters and is designed to suit theirfactory condition.

Thereare five updatable data parameters such as “Product Code” for that particularproduction line, “Target” for the day, “Plan” for the day, “Actual” actualachieved for the day and “% Eff” efficiency in percentage for the day.


1.     Display of production data and greatertransparency.

2.     Increased level of motivation amongst employees.   

3.     Display Welcome message when guests visited factory.


The installation of the LED Message Sign Boards hasprovided the real time dynamic visual indication of production and performancetarget. This has also increased the motivation of the employees and also hasinstilled confidence in their ability to achieve the timely company target.