real time dynamic production display board

real time dynamic production display board

Existing System

CGPL wanted to translate the real time production parametersinto visual indication. This real time visual indication of productionparameters will help enhance the productivity and awareness

Our Solution

Compucare with its expertise was able to rise up tothe challenge of CGPL by providingone of the largest production LED Message Display Board. The size of the LEDMessage Display Board is 200cm x 200cm. The size enables CGPL topopulate as much data as possible on a single screen. The Large LED MessageDisplay Board are single sided with bright RED LED display, the display boardsare clearly visible from an optimum distance of 10 meters and is designed tosuit their factory condition.

How LED Message Board Solution for RealTime Dynamic Production is achieved?

·        The data is populated in the data server.

·        The populated data is exported of .xls format.

·        The LED Software Server imports and reads the data from the .xlsformat.

·        The read data is displayed in the Large LED Message Display Board.

·        The content in the LED Message Display Board is refreshedautomatically in regular intervals.


Thusproviding the largest LED Message Display Board and automating the visualindication process of real time Production parameter. This real time visualindication of production parameters will help enhance the productivity andawareness.