safety statistics board

safety statistics board

Existing System

Huntsman, Baroda wanted a robust solution to visuallydisplay Environment and Safety Statistics. This will help enhance thetransparency and promote their Environment and Safety standards.

Our Solution

Compucare with its expertise was able torise up to the challenge of Huntsman by providing customized LED MessageDisplay Board. The custom size 7x5 feet enables Huntsman to populate asmuch data as possible on a single screen. The LED Message Display Board aresingle sided with Full Color LED display, the display boards are clearlyvisible from an optimum distance of 10 meters and is designed to suit theirfactory condition.

HowLED Message Board Solution for Environment & Safety Statistics is achieved?

·        The presentation to be displayed with environment andsafety standards is populated in the data server

·        The Safety Man days count to be displayed is alsoprogrammed

·        The LED Software pushes the data to LED Display Board viaTCP/IP

·        The LED Display Board has inbuilt embedded controller withTCP/IP interface

·        The programmed data is displayed in the FULL Color LEDDisplay Board

·        The Safety Man days count is incremented automaticallyuntil it is reprogrammed otherwise.


Thus a robust solution to visuallydisplay Environment and Safety Statistics was provided to Huntsman, Baroda. Thishas helped enhance the transparency and promote their Environment and Safetystandards

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