emission parameter display board

Download PDF emission parameter display board

Existing System

RIL wanted to translate the real timeemission parameters into visual indication. This real time visual indication ofemission parameters will help enhance the transparency and prove its adherenceto strict emission standards.

Our Solution

Compucare with its expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of RIL by providing customized LED Message Display Board. The custom size enables RIL to populate as much data as possible on a single screen. The LED Message Display Board are single sided with Full Color  LED display, the display boards are clearly visible from an optimum distance of 10 meters and is designed to suit their factory condition.

How LED Message Board Solution for Real Time Emission Parameter Display is achieved?
·  The data is populated in the data server
·  The populated data is displayed on the server screen
·  The LED Software Server captures the live screen from the server
·  The captured live screen is displayed in the Large Full Color LED Message Display Board

The content of the Full Color LED Message Display Board is refreshed automatically and corporate video is also played at regular intervals.


Thus by providing the custom LED Message Display Board andautomating the visual indication process of real time emission parameter hasenhanced the transparency and proves its adherence to strict emissionstandards.