led display board - uses, features, benefits


Compucare has wide range of products under its portfolio including LED Display Board. By adding Industrial and Commercial LED Display Boards to its growing portfolio, Compucare has added value and innovation in to its products and services. Digital Display Boards such as Digital Score Boards can be used for multiple sporting events. Digital Display Boards are of wide variety, they are available to various sectors including large Corporates, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

LED Display Boards can also be widely used in areas such as:

Public Transport System
• Bus
• Metro Bus
• Traffic Signal & Road Safety

LED Video Wall
• Awareness Campaign
• Advertisement
• Stadiums
• Information Billboard

City Traffic & Highway Department
• Traffic Signal Lights
• Toll Plaza
• Information Billboard

LED Display Boards are already put to good use by Indian Railways throughout the nation for:
• Passenger Information Board
• Signalling
• Token Display System

Several Industries are warming up to the potential uses of LED Display Boards such as:
• Production Statistics Display
• In-plant Vehicle Management Display
• Parameter Statistics Display
• Performance Statistics Display
• Safety Statistics Display
• Real Time Dynamic Fire & Safety And First Aid Personnel Display
• Synchronized Digital LED Clock

LED Display Boards is now also incorporated as a vital component in Industrial Automation for:
• Production Monitoring System
• ANDON Display System

LED Displays Boards when put together intelligently for various uses in Industrial Automation are now the next big thing in the field of Industrial Internet Of Things.

LED Displays Boards can also be used by Banks and other Commercial organisations for:
• Advertisements
• Information display
• Token Display
• Counter No. display,
• Interest Rate Display,
• Forex Rate Display,
• Score Board Display, etc.

Main Features of LED Display Board:

• Indoor/Outdoor Use
• Attractive Design
• Bright display
• Visible both day and night
• Inbuilt Real-Time Clock
• Easily Programmable
• Multiple Scrolling effects
• Multi font support
• User friendly software
• Various Communication Interface
• Light Weight cabinet
• Energy Efficient

Compucare has several successful use case scenario in implementing Industrial and Commercial LED Display Boards across broad range of sectors for Industrial Process Automation to Commercial Parking Solution.

• Increases productivity
• Increases efficiency
• Increases awareness
• Boost Morale
• Boost Confidence
• Boost Revenue
• Effective Management
• Improved organisation
• Increases Speed
• Increases Accuracy